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Ch 9: Board of Selectmen with Regional 02-27-2018
Ch 15: D-R School Committee 02-27-2018
Ch 98: Community Bulletin Board

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Channel 9
2:30pm - Board of Selectmen 02-26-2018
4:30pm - Planning Board 03-07-2018
Channel 15
3:30pm - D-R School Committee 02-27-2018
6:00pm - D-R School Committee 02-27-2018
Channel 98
7:00pm - RBA Meet the Candidates 2018
9:30pm - RBA Meet the Candidates 2018

Rehoboth Community TV

Welcome to the Town of Rehoboth Community TV.

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Rehoboth 375th Committee

The Town of Rehoboth will celebrate our 375th Anniversary in 2018. Our official 375 committee, made up of enthusiastic volunteers, is already planning many events and projects including a major parade slated for October 2018.

Fundraising is critical as the town has no budget for a 375 parade or any other anniversary events. Along with many fundraising events from now through 2018, we must depend on the generosity of sponsors and donors. 

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